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I can't even send the email anymore- 

This is insane.

really like the experience




August, I love the atmosphere you create on your games :)


I broke the game. i um... feel through the door.........

lol me too

Same here, the door closed on me as I was walking through it and it clipped me through the floor...

trippy and surreal. love it! great job.

Really cool stuff! Love your work.

Did anyone else got to go through whole loop of the game? After you go through the tunnel? Anyways, this might be how depressed people see those simple tasks you do every day, where they look  like they are impossible. And in the end you just get stuck in your routine. Cool game, my favorite type of games. Reminds me of "the beginners guide".

I really like this comment, because I can relate to it. I don't have depression by the way but I do have autism and I can really relate to struggling with every day tasks. That being said, how did you complete the full loop? I lost my computer xD. I can see my chair is floating in some black hole, but my laptop is GONE and I really want to send that email haha

thats wierd

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Pretty cool. Going backwards marks you fall into the abyss. I got to a point where I couldn't click on the dishes.

I can't click on the laptop anymore I mean I lost my computer lol. Do you think that insurance covers that? My laptop was lost in the abyss?